Your Stuff.
Beautifully Organized.

Built For Life

Durable, flexible, magnetic jars to powerfully organize your spices, and more.

Preserve Valuable Counter Space

Use your counters for prep, not for storage.

Keep Spices Easily Within Reach

MagnetJars™ attach easily to any steel surface. And stay there until you need them.

The Perfect Shaker Spice Jar

Magnet Jars™ shake with the flip-top cap, or you can scoop by unscrewing the lid. The best of both.

Quality Guaranteed To Last

Magnet Jars™ are guaranteed for 10 years against any defect in the magnet and workmanship.

De-Stress Your Cooking

Make Cooking Fun Again

Powerful Channel Magnet

Ridiculously strong magnets resist bumps, jolts, slams, and life.

Corrosion Resistant Cap

5-hole sifter caps are convenient, removable, washable, and will never corrode or rust.

American Made With Pride

Magnet Jars™ are designed and assembled in the USA from precision parts sourced from the USA and Asia.

Guaranteed for 10 years

Magnet Jars ™ are guaranteed against manufacturing defect for 10 years.

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